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We are much more than just a lighting supplier. We help our customers solve problems, even the unusual ones. Like providing ceiling tiles, door alarms, portable a/c units, replacement lenses, and even emergency Generators. Power & Light Group will do whatever is needed to ensure your doors are always open for business.

We do all the work with suppliers, manufacturers, General Contractors, Electrical Subcontractor, local code enforcement and you receive National Account pricing & attention. All your lighting details will be handled by people who understand and can meet deadlines. We focus on your lighting details so you can focus on Opening Dates.

When problems arise during construction, like materials damaged, lost or stolen, we will reship materials immediately. With customer-specific inventory in our warehouse we don’t have to wait until the manufacturer gets around to it. If you need it tomorrow, it is there tomorrow!

We have never delayed an opening because we understand the financial burden tied to your opening date. We have built an outstanding service reputation. Our number on goal is to ensure that our customers get the right product at the right price and at the right time!

Lamp Replacement Program
We also provide our customers with a Lamp and Ballast Replacement Program designed to ensure that the correct lamp and/or ballast is consistently used as specified. We are an authorized GE Lamp distributor and we guarantee your company will receive the National Account price level you deserve. Our program is simple & efficient. We will provide each location with a replacement package designed specifically for them containing : Lamp & Ballast Brochure, Order Guide, Telephone & Panel Stickers, and step by step procedures to make ordering lamps & ballasts effortless.